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C ustom Personalized Lawn Care can trace our roots all the way back to 1974. Jack Campbell, our current owner’s father, while working at the local General Motors V-8 Engine plant in Flint, MI., was looking to make an extra income for his young family. He started by mowing lawns in the City of Flint, and hiring a local neighbor boy to assist him.

The next year, a small condominium project on the West Side of Flint called. They wanted Jack’s services for their property’s weekly mowing. From there, a business, Jack’s Landscaping Inc., blossomed.


By the mid 1980’s, lawn fertilization and weed control services were beginning to be offered in the area. It didn’t take long for Jack to see this opportunity. His wife, Paula, obtained the required licensures to apply the fertilizers and weed control products. Their extensive list of commercial properties that they were providing weekly mowing services for, quickly signed up for this additional service.

Again, it didn’t take long for Jack to determine that if all these commercial properties were wanting this new service, there must be many residential clients that also want this service. And again, the business blossomed even more!

Around that time, the current owner, Rodney Campbell, as a teenager, was working summers in this new found business opportunity. In 1988, a transition was engineered.

Custom Personalized Lawn Care Corp. was formally organized on April 1, 1988. With a single focus of becoming the “service of choice” within the Green Industry, in South East Michigan. Rodney eventually relinquished the commercial mowing division of the business, and focused exclusively on the fertilization, weed control, and in future years, the outdoor pest control service that we have evolved into today.

Today, the next generation, Rodney’s daughter Britanie and son Wyatt, are also involved in the business, learning from the “roots up” the philosophies, dedication and hard work that goes into being a family owned business.

But it’s really our dedicated Team Members, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years (one more than 30 years!) that make Custom Lawn Care the business and workplace it is today! They are the one’s that you, our faithful clients, have the daily interaction with.

So give us a chance, join the family. We are here to work as partners for the betterment of your outdoor space and our community.

Kind Regards,
Rodney Campbell

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