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Since 1988

At Custom Lawn Care, we have the experience and expertise to create a healthy, green and vigorous lawn that you can enjoy all season long. As one of Michigan’s leading lawn care companies, we understand the pride that comes from a beautifully maintained lawn. Customer service is our top priority as we focus on PARTNERING with our customers to achieve the vibrant, green lawn that we BOTH expect!

Who We Are

Custom Lawn Care is a locally-owned business with over 30 years of experience in the lawn care industry. We service over 17,000 customers in the Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, and surrounding areas and we value each one of them!

What We Do

Custom Lawn Care provides comprehensive lawn treatment programs targeted towards providing the nutrients and control that your lawn needs in order to achieve a dense, green turf that you will be able to enjoy all season long. We specialize in developing a customized lawn and turf approach that will transform your property into an oasis for family activities! From fertilization and weed control to aeration and pest control, we’ll help you create the yard you’ve always dreamed of!


Family & Locally Owned

Custom Lawn Care is a second generation family-owned business that has been treating lawns since 1988. We are proud to create local jobs and make a point to purchase local, Michigan-based products. We specialize ONLY in professional Turf Fertilization & Weed Control, Grub Control, and Pest Control, allowing you the best chance of creating a lawn to enjoy all season long!



Custom Lawn Care has over 30 years of experience in the lawn care industry. We have treated over 1.3 million lawns and 660,000 acres of turf. Our employees are experienced lawn professionals able to diagnose and treat any of your lawn problems. We are also the only lawn care business in Michigan able to certify Lawn Technicians in-house with our accredited training courses.


Advanced Technology

Custom Lawn Care utilizes state of the art technology that allows us to provide the best lawn care in the most efficient manner available. From late model trucks and lawn care equipment, to phone and tablet technology, we are able to provide the best in lawn care service.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our goal is to make sure our customers feel like family. In general, we will schedule the same Technician to service your lawn throughout the summer so that they have an opportunity to get to know you AND your lawn.We also offer year round Technical Telephone Support to answer any questions or concerns about your lawn care. You will find our level of customer service unmatched in the industry!

Our History

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We are here to work as partners for the betterment of your outdoor space and our community!

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Custom Personalized Lawn Care Terms of Service

Automatic Renewal of Services: To ensure the effectiveness of our seasonal turf treatments, and to maintain the integrity of a timely treatment schedule for the desired results, Custom Personalized Lawn Care is a continuing service from season to season. Your program schedule will remain the same and automatically renew from season to season. You may choose to alter or cancel your program at any time by contacting our Technical Telephone Support, but will be responsible for payment of any services performed up until we are notified of the cancellation. We will provide you with a cancellation number if you choose to cancel services.

Savings Offers: All Savings Offers and discounts applied to an account are valid for the current season only and will not carry over into the next year of services. All Savings Offers applied to treatment programs are valid only if all scheduled services in the program are completed. If the program is altered or cancelled at any time during the season, any applied savings offers will be removed and added to your ending balance.

Past Due Accounts: Any balances due after 30 days of service will incur a $4.90 statement fee. Any balances due after 90 days risk being forwarded to a national collection agency or small claims court for further action. Debts sent to a collection agency will incur an additional processing fee of 40% of the outstanding balance that will be added to the debt owed. Debts sent to small claims court will incur court and server processing fees that will be added to the debt owed.