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September 17, 2019
Box elder bugs try to squeeze their way into your home in the fall, making fall pest control essential for your Port Huron, MI home.

Protect Your Home From Fall Invaders

When the cool temperatures arrive we all breathe a collective sigh of relief thinking that the arrival of fall means the end of annoying outdoor pests. While it’s true that pests tend to become less active in the fall but before they disappear completely for the winter they will be on the hunt for warm overwintering locations and that place just might be inside your home. In fact, fall is the time that you will experience the most indoor insects. These fall pest control tips should help you out.
September 11, 2019
End of summer lawn care is essential to giving your Port Huron, MI lawn a head start next spring.

End Of Summer Lawn Care

Here we go again. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were coming out of another long winter and getting ready for spring lawn care. Once again, the days are getting shorter and temperatures are taking a dip signaling the onset of fall, but before we start preparing for winter, it's time for some end of summer lawn care.
August 30, 2019

Lawn Aeration: A Guide to a Healthier Lawn this Fall

Michigan summers can be tough on our lawns. Soil compaction, drought, and high heat cause stress and damage to even the healthiest of lawns, over time. However, there is a way to restore your grass to the health and beauty that it had at the beginning of the summer: lawn aeration.
August 29, 2019
Give your lawn the boost it needs after a tough summer with summer lawn renovation services.

Lawn Renovation: Dealing With Summer Lawn Stress

By the time fall rolls around here in Michigan, it’s not uncommon for our lawns to look a little rough. With the kids out of school and the constant weekend backyard barbeques, our lawns are dealing with a lot of stress. Giving your lawn a boost this fall will ensure it’s healthy next spring.
July 30, 2019
Proper irrigation techniques will help you maintain a lush, healthy lawn here in Commerce Township, MI.

The Right Way to Water Your Yard

With the wet spring we had this year, you might not have needed to water your yard very much. But now, as we enter the hottest […]
July 25, 2019
Poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, and pokeweed are some of the poisonous plants to avoid here in Michigan.

Poisonous Plants Lurking in Michigan

Summertime in Michigan is filled with camping trips up north, hiking, kayaking, and just enjoying the great outdoors. But lurking just off the beaten path are […]
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