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First-Time Core Aeration

Core Aeration

The secret weapon golf courses have been using for years!

Custom Lawn Care offers a professional Core Aeration Service each fall that is the single best mechanical service you can provide your lawn. The ultimate factor in turf health is a deep, healthy root system. The deeper your roots can grow, the healthier and greener your lawn will be. Aeration loosens the soil structure, making it it easier for the grass roots to grow deeper into the soil, and making all of your other lawn care practices even more effective!

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

core aeration

How Core Aeration Works

Core Aeration is the mechanical process of removing plugs of soil throughout the lawn, making it easier for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to absorb into the soil and directly benefit the root system. Eight to ten weeks following an aeration, you can expect a new and deeper root system to develop, creating a lawn that is more resistant to drought, insect damage, and lawn disease.

When to Aerate

Custom Lawn Care recommends a core aeration once per year during the fall season. Fall is an ideal time to aerate because 85% of grass root growth takes place during this time. Also, cool warm temperatures combined with warm soil temperatures are the perfect combination to allow the lawn to recover easily from the aeration process.

What To Expect During Core Aeration

When scheduling your aeration service, please notify our office if you have underground sprinklers or an invisible dog fence. Aeration machines will damage these buried items, so they will need to be marked with flags. We are not responsible for damage to any buried items on your property.

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Custom Personalized Lawn Care Terms of Service

Automatic Renewal of Services: To ensure the effectiveness of our seasonal turf treatments, and to maintain the integrity of a timely treatment schedule for the desired results, Custom Personalized Lawn Care is a continuing service from season to season. Your program schedule will remain the same and automatically renew from season to season. You may choose to alter or cancel your program at any time by contacting our Technical Telephone Support, but will be responsible for payment of any services performed up until we are notified of the cancellation. We will provide you with a cancellation number if you choose to cancel services.

Savings Offers: All Savings Offers and discounts applied to an account are valid for the current season only and will not carry over into the next year of services. All Savings Offers applied to treatment programs are valid only if all scheduled services in the program are completed. If the program is altered or cancelled at any time during the season, any applied savings offers will be removed and added to your ending balance.

Past Due Accounts: Any balances due after 30 days of service will incur a $4.90 statement fee. Any balances due after 90 days risk being forwarded to a national collection agency or small claims court for further action. Debts sent to a collection agency will incur an additional processing fee of 40% of the outstanding balance that will be added to the debt owed. Debts sent to small claims court will incur court and server processing fees that will be added to the debt owed.