Flea & Tick Control Program

Once you have Taken Back Your Yard with our Mosquito Control Service, it’s time to consider your pets and family with our Flea & Tick Spray for Yard Program!

Flea & Tick Control Service by Custom Personalized Lawn Care is an easy 5 Step service that protects your pets and loved ones from the terrifying effects of contagious diseases and irritating bites and rashes.

And once the dreaded Fleas and Ticks are in your yard, it’s not long before they are inside your home. It is crucial to practice effective flea & tick prevention to stop this from happening.

Our 5 Step Flea & Tick Service begins, weather dependent, around the middle of April each year, as a blanket treatment across your entire lawn. The next 4 treatments are applied at intervals of 4-5 weeks throughout the season. This will create a season-long barrier of protection to keep dangerous and annoying fleas & ticks from penetrating your personal space!

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Flea & Tick Special Price for 5 Step Program

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