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GRUBPro, an exclusive offering from Custom Personalized Lawn Care, is the solution to avoiding the expenditure and hard work in restoring your lawn due to the devastation of Grubs! And our Professional Season Long Grub Control for Lawns comes with a full ONE YEAR GUARANTEE!

Grub Worms are the #1 home lawn destroyer in South East Michigan.

Even the healthiest lawns are susceptible to damaging grub infestation.

Matter of fact, grubs are present in nearly every one of our lawns. The problem lays in when their population level rises to the point that the lawn can not recover fast enough to compensate for the damage they inflict.


... a granular season-long grub control is applied between the dates of June 10 and August 10 each year.

Our long lasting treatment will prevent the eggs of June Beetles/European Chafer/Japanese Beetles from hatching, thus preventing a new hatch of grubs for ONE FULL YEAR! GUARANTEED.

We can even combine GRUBPro with a balanced Fertilizer to continue your lawn’s health and vigor, and continued strength to battle natural predators.

Contact our Technical Telephone Support TODAY, (800) 570-3313, for a quick 2 Minute Estimate, and defend your lawn from turf destroying Grubs as well as the expensive repairs that come with their infestation. Or visit our 24-hour storefront @ www.

Should you see a lot of June Bugs or Japanese beetles flying around, they are laying the eggs for the next hatch of grubs!


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