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Custom Personalized Lawn Care + YOU = PARTNERSHIP

We at Custom Personalized Lawn Care expect a healthy green and vigorous lawn. Our Professional Technicians will provide our timely visits of balanced fertilized and properly applied control products. You will need to provide the proper mowing and watering. We will leave you guidance during and after each treatment for the proper cultural practices you will need to administer between our treatments, for the expected results.
Between our timed lawn maintenance treatments, we will rely on you to communicate to us any concerns that may arise in the health and appearance of your lawn. Your communication is key to our success. And we have many avenues of communication available to you, around the clock, 7 days a week, year-round!

We provide over 30 years of experience to you via our highly skilled Technical Telephone Support, (800) 570-3313 , available year round!

We have our around the clock storefront at that you can communicate with us through. We even have a Social Media presence available for communication. We want, we need, your communication between our treatments to maintain the healthy and vigorous lawn WE BOTH expect all season long, and to maintain the years-long relationship with you that we desire. Our continued dedication and support are what has made us one of Michigan's leading lawn fertilizer companies.

Our Step by Step Custom Lawn Program:

  • Early Spring Crabgrass Control and Balanced Fertilizer

    Applied early each season, our professional weed exterminator will come to your home or business. Granular treatment is applied before Crabgrass has a chance to germinate. The balanced Fertilizer will promote a healthy spring green-up and a vigorous lawn ready to recover from it’s winter dormancy.

    * NOTE: It is VERY likely, especially if you are a new client to our service, that you will see broadleaf weeds (i.e. Dandelions) germinate after our Early Spring Treatment. Crabgrass is controlled BEFORE it germinates and broadleaf weeds (i.e. Dandelions) are controlled AFTER they become active again after winter dormancy. Early Spring Treatments applied at the end of the 7 week window of service MAY include liquid broadleaf weed control IF the weather permits.

  • Late Spring Broadleaf Weed Control and Balanced Fertilizer

    Now is the time to control those Dandelions! Our liquid broadleaf weed control will control the early season germinating weeds and our balanced fertilization will continue to thicken the lawn. A thick dense lawn is the best weed control!
  • Early Summer Fertilization and Spot Treatment of Broadleaf Weeds

    A professional blend of balanced fertilizers including Potassium for continued strong root development, and plant health before summer, with a continued emphasis on broadleaf weed control.
  • Summer Insect Control and Balance Fertilization

    Summer sun brings turf damaging insects that require a professional eye, and some TLC (Tender Lawn Care). Our Technicians will be on the lookout for sod webworms and chinch bugs, while applying a summer formulated balanced fertilization, and continued spot broadleaf weed control.

    * Surface feeding, turf damaging insect control (sod webworms and chinch bugs) is included at no additional cost with our 7 Treatment Professional Turf Care Program.

  • Late Summer Broadleaf Weed Control and Balanced Fertilization

    A late summer blend of balanced fertilization to continue your lawn’s health as the summer stress subsides, and a Broad Leaf Weed Control treatment to control stubborn summer weeds and get a jump start on fall germinating weeds.
  • Fall Fertilization and Spot Broadleaf Weed Control

    As cool fall temperatures return, great growing conditions will enable our specially blended Fall Fertilization to feed the root system of your turf and continue the eradication of any stubborn broadleaf weeds from your lawn.
  • Pre-Winter Turf Builder

    The final treatment of the season is one of the most important treatments. As your lawn prepares for winter dormancy by sending nutrients to its root system, our high Potassium Pre Winter Blend of balanced fertilizers will enhance your lawns health and provide the needed nutrients to prepare for a harsh Michigan winter.

It takes a PARTNERSHIP to achieve the potential of each of our Professional Turf Fertilization and Control Treatments. It also takes a full season to see the results of our Professional Services. When you give our Turf Program a full season to work, you WILL see the CUSTOM results we BOTH expect!

To ensure the effectiveness of our seasonal turf treatments, and to maintain the integrity of a timely treatment schedule for the desired results, Custom Personalized Lawn Care is a continuing service from season to season. Your program schedule will remain the same from season to season unless you choose to alter or cancel your program by contacting our Technical Telephone Support. We will provide you with a cancelation number if you choose to cancel services.

Any balances due after 30 days of service will incur a $4.90 statement fee. Any balances due after 90 days risk be forwarded to a national collection agency for further action.

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