Mosquito Control With Perimeter Pest Control


Custom Personalized Lawn Care offers the most extensive procedures and up to date products to provide a mosquito control exterminator service that far surpasses anything else in the market

Matter of fact, Mosquito Control has been the fastest growing add-on service we have ever offered to our clients

… mostly because they keep referring their friends and neighbors to our exclusive service. From June through September, Monday mornings have become known as Mosquito Mondays! There are dozens of calls every Monday from a homeowner signing up for Mosquito Control because they were at a friend’s/relative’s home over the weekend and couldn’t believe they were enjoying the great outdoors again… Mosquito FREE! The common phrase: “SIGN ME UP QUICK… WHEN CAN YOU GET HERE?”

Mosquito Control, by Custom Personalized Lawn Care, also comes with our professional grade Perimeter Pest Control… at no extra charge!Yep… protect the inside of your home from invasive earwigs, spiders, beetles and stinging insects at the same time! Why not? We realized several years ago that with a simple adjustment of our equipment, and a tweak to our formula, we can provide exterior pest control to keep your interior pest free as well!

Our 5 Step Mosquito Control With Perimeter Pest Control Service begins, weather dependent, around the middle of April each year, treating the foliage and other mosquito breeding areas throughout the property. The next 4 treatments of our mosquito control spray for your yard are applied at intervals of 4-5 weeks throughout the season. This will create a season-long barrier of protection to keep annoying mosquitos and other pests from penetrating your personal space!


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We offer a 5-phase approach to yield optimal results:

  • Step 1 – Early Spring

    Michigan bugs become more active with the final winter thaw, and we are ready for them. The Custom Personalized Lawn Care crew arrives sometime between April 1st and May 10th and applies a granular or liquid application (depending on the temperature) around your home's foundation.
  • Step2 – Late Spring/Early Summer

    Eggs are hatching, making it seem like these insects are everywhere. We apply a liquid PestPro barrier around your home's perimeter. Any bug attempting to make it inside your home will be exterminated as soon as they come in contact with the insecticide.
  • Step 3 – Mid-Summer

    As the summer heats up, so does insect activity throughout your Southeast Michigan property. Custom Personalized Lawn Care returns to reinforce the PestPro foundational barrier and keep bugs where they belong - outside.
  • Step 4 – Late Summer/Early Fall

    Bug activity reaches peak levels during the final throes of summer. We'll treat your perimeter anywhere from August 1st – September 30th to keep your home protected.
  • Step 5 – Late Fall

    As the weather starts to get cooler, pests try to make their way inside your home to stay warm, making our final PestPro treatment critical. This last application creates a barrier on every crack and crevice to safeguard your home throughout the winter.

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