Organic Fertilizer

A Greener Lawn Guaranteed

Custom Lawn Care has become one of Michigan’s top organic lawn treatment companies. We offer an organic fertilization program specially designed to gently nourish your yard by strengthening roots and balancing soil to promote a fast green-up. You’ll notice a difference in just 3-5 days after our first application. Our organic lawn fertilizer service is an excellent option for homeowners who want a thick, robust lawn without adding any unnecessary chemicals to the grass and soil.

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How Organic Fertilizer Works

Millions of microbes and organisms live within your soil and feed your grass the nutrients it needs to grow. The key to a healthy lawn is allowing those beneficial microbes to THRIVE. Organic lawn fertilizer breaks down in the soil to feed those organisms, thus creating an environment for your grass to flourish and lay down deep roots. Lawns with deep root systems grow in thick and lush and are less likely to turn brown and die in harsh situations, such as during summer drought. Nourished soil and healthy roots are the foundation necessary for a fantastic lawn for years to come.

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

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Organic Fertilizer is a Cost Effective Option

Long term, organic fertilizer is a cost effective option for lawn care. Although it may initially be a larger investment to begin an organic lawn care program, over time you’ll likely have to use these products less often as your lawn and garden become healthier and stronger, and is able to fight off many diseases and weeds naturally.

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Custom Lawn Care's Terms of Service

Continuing Service: To ensure the effectiveness of our seasonal turf treatments, and to maintain the integrity of a timely treatment schedule for the desired results, Custom Personalized Lawn Care is a continuing service from season to season. Your program schedule will remain the same and automatically renew from season to season. You may choose to alter or cancel your program at any time by contacting our Technical Telephone Support, but will be responsible for payment of any services performed prior to cancellation. We will provide you with a cancellation number if you choose to cancel services.

Savings Offers: All Savings Offers applied to treatment programs are valid only if all scheduled services in the program are completed. If the program is altered or cancelled at any time during the season, any applied savings offers will be removed and added to your ending balance.


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