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What Happens When I Sign Up For Service?

First off, we THANK YOU for trusting our locally, and family, owned business to take care of your outdoor space!

Next you will receive a letter of confirmation. This will reiterate the services you enlisted, and the price. You will also be given the opportunity to save additional dollars by pre-paying for your annual service. There will also be opportunities to add on beneficial services such as GrubPro , Mosquito Control, and/or Flea & Tick Control Service, and also enjoy a savings of additional dollars on those services.


The first treatment of the season, the Early Spring Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer, generally begins any time after March 1, once the snow is gone and the ground is no longer frozen. Treatments generally follow every 5-7 weeks, dependent upon weather conditions. We generally will have the Crabgrass Control treatment completed within 7 weeks of our start date. We have until the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees to achieve the desired results.

IF you are not scheduled for all 7 offered turf treatments, there will be a longer lapse between treatments, and greater potential for weed invasion, as well as insect damage.


We strive to have every new client’s first treatment, after sign up, completed within 5 working days. Then the remaining treatments will follow, every 5-7 weeks. Your program for the next season will include the treatments that were not completed in the current year, due to the late start with our service, and treatments will continue thereafter, automatically.


After each Turf Treatment, we are required to post your lawn with a “notification flag” at the most common entry point to your property, usually this is at the end of your driveway near the road. Sometimes we leave a “marketing flag”, that will have a special offer for either you or a friend or neighbor… Be sure to check them out!

Communication is KEY… we are PARTNERS when you enlist our service. We rely on your observations between our scheduled treatments, and for your communication with our Technical Telephone Support, (800) 570-3313, or 24/7 @ www.SprayMyLawn.com, to inform us of any irregularities you observe through out the season. We, in turn, will also communicate with you at the time of each treatment. We will leave you detailed notes on your copy of the paperwork we are required to leave behind at the time of each treatment.

We encourage you to provide us with your valid email address. We promise not to overload your digital mailbox! But it will allow us to send a quick email after each service at your property, notifying you of the time of treatment, Technician providing the service, and any important observations your Technician would like you to be aware of. We do NOT provide your personal information nor email to ANY outside organizations, whatsoever.


Our Support Staff will contact you periodically through out the season, to inquire how things are going, and to make you aware of any concerns that your Professional Technician may have noticed at the time of treatment, and we want to be sure you are aware of.

We encourage you to contact our experienced Technical Telephone Support at any time you have a question or a concern. We try to resolve most problems over the telephone. Sometimes we need to send a Technician to observe your concern. Service Calls, visits to your property between scheduled treatments, are typically at no charge for clients who receive at least a 6 (six) Seasonal Turf Fertilization & Weed Control program.


During peak season, April through June 15, generally, our Technical Telephone Support is assisted by a local service to handle the overload of telephone inquires we receive. We refer to this outside service as “Sudden Service”. That is because we want your inquires addressed in a timely manner, with a minimum of telephone hold time. Sudden Service is trained to resolve basic inquiries such as payment remittance, scheduling questions, order taking, etc. Any inquiry not resolved though our Sudden Service, will be responded to via or in house Technical Telephone Support rapidly.


At the end of each Treatment Season, you will receive, via U.S.P.S. mail, and email if we have your email address, a confirmation letter for the next season. This notification will confirm your currently scheduled Turf Care service, and offer you the best deal of the year, if you choose to prepay for the next season. Prepayment is NOT required, and service WILL continue from season to season with the same scheduled treatments, unless you choose to alter or cancel your chosen care program. There is no need to be concerned if your treatments are going to be applied within a timely manner, or if you are going to miss out on the desired results…Your same service will continue from season to season! Hassle Free, is how we consider it. ( NOTE: We do NOTE telephone active clients during the off season. Our only communication with active clients during the off season is via U.S.P.S. or email.)

Please keep top of mind, each treatment has a purpose, judge our results at the end of the year. Given that opportunity I am confident our partnership will prevail.

Our family welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you and your family. I am of the mindset that in a relationship, concerns will arise. It is how the company resolves the concerns that determines their value. We value the faith you place in us to perform a professional service that meets both of our expecations.

Kind Regards,
Rodney Campbell


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